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Keep Your Skin Healthy

The skin is the body’s largest organ, wrapped around our structural frame it consists of 800,000,000 cells. The skin has a thickness of 1.27 mm (one-twentieth of an inch) and weighing two and a half kilograms (six pounds)

This thin covering protects us from the elements, controlling heat and cold and offering a sensor for pain and pressure. The most important role of the skin is that of elmination. It is through the skin that impurities and metabolic waste from the body is eliminated (about a half a pound a day.)

It is important to realize that the skin not only expels toxins but is also sensitive to substances that are placed on the skin. On average (depending upon the substance ) the skin will absorb approximately 60% of what is applied to it.

This means that through the skin, absorption will occur in the blood, tissues and cells of the skin to circulate through the blood to all cells and tissues of the body.

Many prescription drugs are applied this way, for example, skin patches for estrogen and progesterone ( hormone regulation.) Because so many cosmetic products are chemical loaded, skin creams, insect repellants, cosmetics, hair products and perfumes should be chosen carefully and be as free of toxic chemicals as possible.

Within that group just mentioned there are chemicals that are considered carcogenic, some are known hormone disruptors, some chemicals ( particularly in perfumes or artificial fragrance) aren’t listed on the label as they are be considered”trade secrets”. That can open the door to putting almost anything in skin care products without having to make any disclosure whatsoever.

You woudn’t consume toxic chemicals in your food so why would you want to put them on your skin?. It only makes sense not to as this compromises the very thing that it was designed to do, remove toxins.

As humans we haven’t changed from what we are but the technology for our very existence has and it’s killing us. Our food supply has been altered to death, the skin care products we use are nothing more than chemicals.

That’s not what we need, as in the past everything was naturally organic and for time immortal that is what will always benefit us the most.The body recognizes and can convert ingredients that are truly natural as nutrients, that will never be the case with synthetic anything.