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The Cost of Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Arizona

Addicts may delay seeking treatment for their problem for fear of high treatment costs. They don’t want to put an additional burden on loved ones who have already been affected by their use. However, individuals need to realize drug and alcohol treatment Arizona programs, vary greatly in terms of cost. Furthermore, there may be financial assistance for those in need of help. What factors play a role in the cost of treatment?


First and foremost, programs differ greatly in terms of what they offer. Some facilities offer private rooms, for example, while others require patients stay in a room with another client. Private tends to cost more in this situation. Animal-assisted therapy and things of this nature also increase the cost of the treatment. However, insurance often covers all or part of the cost, which can be of great aid to those who cannot afford to seek help.


The location of the facility likewise plays a role in how much a person will spend. The more luxurious the surroundings, the more a person can expect to pay. This is due to the increased overhead associated with maintaining a facility of this type. Nevertheless, insurance may still cover all or part of the cost of treatment regardless of the type of facility selected.

Program Type

Individuals will pay more for an inpatient program, as the facility is taking on the care of the individual around the clock. Medical and treatment professionals will need to be on hand at all times to assist residents. However, there are other options also offered, including outpatient programs, twelve-step programs, and more. Addicts need to consider all to find the one that best meets their needs and offers the hope of a long-term recovery.

One thing to remember when considering the cost of drug and alcohol treatment is the cost of using. People often overlook this. The money being spent to obtain the substance of choice is only one aspect when it comes to the cost of using. Legal fees, medical bills associated with the use of the drug, and more quickly add up. Treatment is always the preferred option. Find a treatment facility today to obtain help, as every person deserves a healthy, drug-free life.