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Tips to Determine Your Skin Type

Skin types according the medical point of view are classified into three basic types”You may have a combination of them such as normal to oily, or normal to dry”:
1- Oily Type.
2- Normal Type.
3- Dry Type.
Each of these types has its own products to take care of it.

Let’s break it down. Each skin type is characterized by different things such as texture, oil production, and frequency of breakouts.

People with dry skin do not suffer many breakouts, and rarely ever have blackheads. This is because oil promotes breakouts by closing pores and blackheads are caused by the increase of oil production from the Sebum glands”Glands in the skin that produces an oily material called Sebum”. If your skin is dry, you are not producing very much oil, therefore, you aren’t prone to as many episodes.

If you have a dry skin your skin may have nearly visible pores, and you may feel dry and tight after washing. Most people with dry skin are fair skinned, and often develop facial lines earlier in life. This skin type also burns easily.

People with normal skin occasionally suffer form breakouts, and can have blackheads that appear mostly in the t-zone “this is the area on either side of the nose and on the forehead”. Pores often appear visible in the t-zone, and the skin may feel tight after washing, but will soon become comfortable with oil in t-zone.

The skin coloring is usually fair to medium, and a few lines may appear early on mostly around the eyes. This skin type when exposed to the sun, usually burns, then tans.

Lastly, People with oily skin often suffer from frequent breakouts with blackheads. The pores are often enlarged, and after washing the face may be oily, with the nose and forehead quickly becoming shiny.

The skin coloring is often olive to dark. Facial lines are usually very few to none in occurrence, and oily skin usually stays preserved longer and does not age as quickly as do the other skin types. When exposed to the sun, this skin type rarely burns, but rather tans easily.

Now you are capable of determining your skin type. So, you can easily find products developed specially for you. You will find a number of products on the market dealing with each of these skin types, as well as for combination skin. Once you find your acne regimen of products that work stick to it. You will be on your way to control your acne.